• Image of Still Pour Foot Straps

Made in Portland, OR.

Heavy Duty Straps:

For those of you who put their straps thru hell and back! Powered by BlaqPaks, we have put together the heaviest of duty foot straps at a price cheaper than all the rest. Tried and true design rode by the Still Pour team for over 5 years now. With freestyle in mind, you know it's strong!
These straps are typically made to order and take up to a week to make. But I will try to have at least one set pre made for faster shipping.

Sized to fit almost any platform pedal that allows straps to slide thru. MKS, BMX and many others. (make sure your pedals will work before ordering)

Warning: You may experience a 'fixie fall'
*Use at your own risk*

instagram: @stillpour

*If you're local, you can avoid shipping charges. DM us thru BigCartel, our instagram, or email us (stillpour@yahoo.com)